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About Me and Audioflare Recording   –  419-360-2800


Audio Engineer – Teacher – Percussionist – Composer


Christopher P. Stoll has more than 25 years of experience in the recording arts. He has been recording since his parents bought him a Radio Shack portable cassette recorder in the eighth grade. He went on to interview family members and pets, cooking food and the toilet flushing.  He started his professional recording career as an undergraduate at the University of Toledo when he took an Electronic Music class. He was soon recording all concerts at UT and composing “art music” projects on the Arp2600, Korg MS20, original Vocoder and an 8-track analog reel-to-reel for class. He eventually got hired at Audiomatrix Recording Studio in downtown Toledo to do some basic radio commercials and editing.


After graduating from UT with a B.A. in Music (percussion), he utilized the MIDI knowledge he picked up using a Mac Plus and MOTU Performer, and went on to get his Master of Music in Composition from Bowling Green State University.  He spent most of his time in the Multimedia MIDI Recording Arts Computer Lab and Recording Studio.  This was an exciting time when MIDI was brand new, so setting up the computers and electronic keyboards was crucial.  Neither UT nor BGSU had extensive recording classes then, so Chris spent most of the 1990s practicing his audio engineering in the clubs with live sound, and doubling the business and physical size of Audiomatrix.


Utilizing almost every cutting-edge recording medium through the years, he continues to stay up to date with all audio recording technologies: Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Reason, Waves, UAD. He prides himself on working WITH bands and obsessing over getting the best sound for every project. Take a look at his credits and hear samples of recordings on the Sounds page. He’s just as comfortable reading through a classical music score and making edits between takes as he is recording a punk band. He also has extensive experience doing complex full multi-track live recordings for CD or DVD.



He started Audioflare Productions in 2000 while freelancing at studios in town. He eventually settled at Zeta Recording in Holland because it’s one of the best studio spaces in Northwest Ohio. He currently is the sole owner of the studio and has renamed it Audioflare Recording Studio.




AUDIOFLARE RECORDING STUDIO is located in the Toledo, Ohio, suburb of Holland. Built in the early-90s (as Zeta Recording), the space is a huge purpose-built 4,000 square feet: 13-foot ceilings in the big 800-square-foot live room and five large iso spaces. The live room makes instruments sound awesome. The control room is also quite big at 480 square feet with 13-foot ceilings, acoustically tuned to make mixes translate perfectly. It’s all a comfy environment, designed to foster a creative vibe for completing any project.


A 25-piece group can play comfortably in the live room, and it’s acoustically tuned so members of the group can hear each other better and perform better. Having 5 iso rooms means bands have the option of playing live while the loud amps are separated. Or a large ensemble of acoustic instruments can play live yet be totally separated.


Many options for recording and very few distractions.


The area of Holland at Airport Highway, near US 23/I-475, is growing fast and everything is close: eateries, carry outs, Kroger and the Guitar Center are right around the corner.

Located at:

6549 Angola Road HOLLAND, OHIO 43528 419-360-2800.


on Angola Rd between McCord Rd and Holland/Sylvania –


on Angola, next to the expressway underpass.




Neumann TLM 102, Oktava MK-012, AKG 414, AKG 214, AKG 451, AKG Tube, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser E604, Audix D6, Beta 52, EV N/D 308, Beta 56, Beyerdynamic M201N, Sm57, Sm58, Motu 896, Motu 8Pre, Mackie Digital, Presonus, Yamaha Pres, Behringer, Midas Digital, Pro Tools, Reason, Digital Performer, Universal Audio, Focusrite, MCDSP, Waves, Autotune, Melodyne, Drumagog and all Mogami cables.


The going rate is $45 per hour, with discounts for buying in bulk at $35 per hour.


As you can see by my credits list, I can record any style of music or commercial.  A full service audio recording facility.






Performance Experience: 

I am a classically trained percussionist first, and have played drums and percussion in straight forward cover bands to West African drum + dance groups to the most complex avant-garde ensembles.

The reason I got into music originally was because my high school band director at L.C.C., John P. Gregory, was in the Crossmen Drum Corps so our marching band became competitive. We also did solo & ensemble contests. I loved practicing snare chops all day. I then performed with General Putnam’s Men Drum and Bugle Drum Corp in Ottawa, Ohio 1981.

In college I played in every ensemble: wind ensembles, marching band (5 years), pep band, orchestra (timpani and percussion), percussion ensembles, choir and jazz bands. Other ensembles include: The Adrian Symphony, Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra. During grad school I performed in BGSU New Music Ensemble under Dr. Freeman Brown, Snake Farm: New Music Composer’s Ensemble BGSU (1989-1991) with Johnny A. Rodriguez (San Antonio), The Toledo Drum School Faculty Percussion Ensemble and West African Drum and Dance Ensemble with James Armstrong (1991-1996). I have also performed in many musicals over 10 years including West Side Story (4 times), Fantasticks, The Music Man (lead voice and drums twice), Damn Yankees (2 times), and the locally produced rock musical Die Amsterdamerung performed at The Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo for many months in a row.

Some of the rock groups include The Biggest Dinosaur (1985-1986) One League Onward (1986-1994), The Rivermen (W/ Jeremy Lindsay aka JT Nero of Birds of Chicago and John Barile)(1990-1995), One Thin Dime (1994-2005), Whit’s End Band with Pat Brady (early 2000’s), Double Tap (Bowling Green, Ohio) with Steve Zaborniak (), Village Idiot Monday Night Players featuring Bobby May and Frankie May (2004-2007), Ben Barefoot and the Hand Shakes featuring Frankie May on bass (2008-2013), Stonehouse (original jam band) with Jon B. Roth lead vox/guitar/songwriter and Jason Quick on bass and sometimes not (2016-18) – 2018 Robin Lee Evans and The Sonic Masters playing mostly at Howards in Bowling Green, Ohio. 


When people ask, I play drums on their songs that I record in the studio.



Full finished projects where I play standard rock drum set:

Corduroy Road  -  Ron Malkemus, Full CD, 2015.

Fire - Adrian James 13 song CD, 2012.

Cabin on 33 - Adrian James, Full CD, 2012.

Magik Dayze – Magik Dayze 13 song CD, 2012.

Robin Lee Evans - Robin Lee Evans – 4 Song EP CD,  2010.

“I Forgive You” – That Allie Girl – Allie Busold/Market + Tony Paulus – One Hit Single, 2010.

The Time Before - Ben Barefoot and the Hand Shakes featuring Frankie May on bass – 4 Song EP, 2010.


Forthcoming – One Thin Dime, 2001.

Wide Water Sun – The Rivermen, 1993.  (played Frankies every Wednesday for 5 years)

Red – One League Onward.  I played drums, Mark Klem Songwriter/Vocals, Alex Sager Lead Guitar #1,  Ken Chojnacki Lead Guitar #2, Andy Leitner Bass: a Red Cassette with “Fire Greenhouse Hoses”, 1993.

Clear - One League Onward.  I played drums, Mark Klem Songwriter/Vocals, Alex Sager Lead Guitar #1, Ken Chojnacki Lead Guitar #2, Andy Leitner Bass: a Clear Cassette with “Before Holston’s Superette”, 1991.

Pale Blue – One League Onward.  I played drums, Mark Klem Songwriter/Vocals, Alex Sager Lead Guitar, Chris Zielinski Bass: a Pale Blue Cassette, 1989.

Jones – One League Onward.  I played drums, Mark Klem Songwriter/Vocals, Alex Sager Lead Guitar, Chris Zielinski Bass: Cassette, 1988.