TV 40 Harp and Piano

Recording Projects:

For the last 15 years I split my time 50% recording / live sound,  40% teaching and 5% drumming and 5% composition.   I work on about 20 musical recording projects a year that should end up on a finished CD for release.  Most often recording in a studio, sometimes live in a church, bar or random space.  

I would consider myself to be a “half-producer” on 90% of the projects.  I tell musicians when they play something wrong and how to fix it, but I don’t always tell someone how to compose their songs.  Unless they ask.   


A couple of personal highlights first:


- Worked with Crystal Bowersox “American Idol” (Season 9 – 2010) for over 15 years. She recorded over 60 songs. Crystal Bowersox + Frankie May – Once Upon a Time (2012).  (pics and music on my website)


- Worked with the other local “American Idol” contestant, Candice Coleman (Season 2 – 2003). She did three Christmas recordings with Chris Brown.   (NOT the “famous” Chris Brown)  (examples on website)


- Created three Make-a-Wish Charity Christmas CDs with over 50 bands through Mike Miller at the Toledo FreePress (2011 – 2013). Most difficult and rewarding long term projects. Very hard making so many musical styles fit together. A year of planning and execution every time.  (examples on my website)


- 20 albums by Native American flute artist, Douglas Blue Feather. I’ve done tracking, mixing and mastering since 1996. Many Nammy Awards!…and others. 


- Recorded New Age artist Charles Thaxton aka  Char-El  over 20 years and having HOS Hearts of Space National Radio Show pick his CD, Worlds Without End (1996), as an entire show.  (pics and music on my website)


- Work with Dave Winfree, the local talk box artist and songwriter, for 25 years, including a song “One on One” he composed and produced by Alex Nesmith aka Al E Cat and I recorded for the local band Lade Bac in 2000. It got picked up by Keith Sweat to become #7 R&B and #14 Billboard 200 hit on Rebirth (2002). Winfree gets hired to do very complex talk box vocal creations on many albums a year that I record.


- I worked on a very short deadline of 2 weeks to do all the audio sweetening of a local mockumentary  “Crap Shoot: The Documentary” (2007).  Sound design, SFX, sound editor, sound mixing and extreme audio clean up. It won an award called The Accolade and a Telly!  (preview online at IMDb)


- Independent film Ice Cold Fear directed by Shane Sahadi and Tim Stickle, sound design and original electronic music score with Gabriel A. Beam (2006).  (preview online at IMDb)


- Vissi d’ arte  REMIX!  with Jodi Jobuck—soprano, gospel choir and modern dancers at Owens Center for Fine and Performing Arts building grand opening. Composing, arranging, producing, recording, mixing, live sound and mastering.  My most complex production.  Commissioned by Dr. Brian D. Bethune (2003).  (music online)


- I worked for over 2 years in preparation and then final production on the newly formed million-dollar company Spark the Mind doing Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication CD and DVD.  It used grade-school kids to create music and raps that would help teach them math facts in a fun way, Track/Mix/Master (2008). Then did the follow up Fractions CD (2009). On Amazon. Submitted for Grammy in education, didn’t win.


- Record Sacred Strings’ yearly national convention live performance DVDs and CDs (8 years). I do FOH and monitors live, record it and then take weeks of mixing to video.  (Videos on YouTube)


- One of the more complex live shows I worked was with the Toledo School for the Arts year-end Kaleidoscope  at Owens Community College Theatre. Each show comprised of 50 five-minute mini-shows that included 48+ automated mixer board channels with 15+ wireless lavalieres switching performers, stages moving in and out, mics in the pit, on stage and in the audience. Synced to 120 light cues. It was recorded live to DVD. We had just three days of rehearsals (5 years).    Co-directed with Rick Clever.


- Worked with Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete (TLC’s show “While You Were Out”) of “The Money Pit” home improvement radio show recording the normal weekly program live to air and doing special live broadcasts from convention centers and Home Depots around America, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta. Utilizing ISDN, Nexus, Hotline, T1 technology.  Weekly shows had Tom in New Jersey, Leslie in Manhattan and me in Toledo (2005 – 2009).  (examples on their website)


- I am one of a few people to record live at  The Ohio Theater: The Polka Floyd Show (2009).


- I recorded the legendary Claude Black live in the legendary Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle (2000).


- Hillsdale College Gov. Ronald Reagan’s 1977 speech Master/clean up (2005).


- I’m one of the few who recorded at Rusty’s Jazz Café: one of the longest running jazz clubs in America…now closed!   Ramona Collins and Line One –  Everything Old is New Again – Live @ Rusty’s  (1996).


- I am one of a few people to record at the iconic juke joint: Griffin Hines Farm Blues Club on old State Route 295 in Swanton, Ohio with Five Horse Johnson (1996).


- The Mighty Meaty Swing Kings doing the original Toledo Mud Hens Jingle that everyone loved (1998).


- I am the only person to record the local legends Bobby May and Pat Lewandowski as 2 Big Guitars together live at Micky Finn’s.  They “famously” played every Tuesday night for over 20 years (1999).


- SFX and small musical cues for the Jeff Daniels comedy Escanaba in Da Moonlight. Performed at Ms. Rose’s Dinner Theatre, Perrysburg, Ohio. Directed by Cassie Bridinger (2003-2006).



From 1987 till 1995, I recorded hundreds of local and national radio/TV commercials a year for Robert F. Martz Productions, Stephenson+Taylor, Inc, WTOL and Don Lea Associates. Clients included Burger King, Champion Spark Plugs, Brown Pontiac, Jim Yark Dealerships, Northern Trust Bank, Anco, Monroe Shock Absorbers and Texaco.  Originally, mixing sound effects played from a sampler keyboard, music from records or cassettes, 2-4 voices recorded live to analog 8-track 1/2” tape.  If you wanted the commercial to fit 30 seconds back then, you had to have the people read faster.  Eventually I went digital 24-track with the ADATs and then with the Mac computer with Digital Performer.


Also around ’87 to ’95, because Audiomatrix was the only studio in town to have a nice E-mu Emulator II sampler keyboard at the time (records 17.6 seconds of 8-bit sound on 5” floppies!),  I recorded hundreds of rap sessions a year on analog 8-track that went straight to cassettes. People brought in crates of albums and I sampled 2-6 beats per song. Eventually most people bought their own keyboards to make original beats. After CD-Rs got cheaper, everyone started making CDs.


The following list represents about one half of what I’ve worked on.  The rest being projects that never got finished, band breaks up/runs out of money, or projects that I lost track of in the early days. This does not include lots of rap and singer songwriter demos that never get into final release form. I’ve listed some that I remember.  This also does not include hundreds of professional, university or high school ensembles that I record at schools but don’t release a CD.  I’ve listed some bigger ones. I am always in the middle of many different projects every week that will be done later in the year that aren’t listed. 


I was the only engineer A1 on all projects except where listed.  Because of budget and time constraints, I am usually the recording, mixing and mastering engineer. 




The Zach Dowell yearly friends jam/RockerShop Summit with The Blue Hook, Octoberfield Report, Funkin Wagnalls, AJ Szozda, Rich Zapf, Pete Mann, Mike Johnson, Live on Cinco De Mayo in a secret warehouse location down by the river in Toledo, Ohio, – Track, live sound and rough mixes 2018

Sacred Steel Benefit Concert Live in Georgia State  -  Mix/Master CD + DVD + YouTube 2018

9th annual Sacred Strings National Convention Showcase – Live @ First Alliance Church of Toledo, Oh,   Live sound FOH and 5 monitors – Track/Mix/Master CD + DVD + YouTube   Audioflare2017

Stonehouse – Something New – jam band with 2 drummers on drum sets live in the studio. Track/Mix/Master full CD  Audioflare 2017


Blackeye (Dave Smith, Carl Herkimer II, Steve Irb, Ian Fox) – 15 Year Vacation — original punk band with one “famous” cover of Star Wars “Imperial March” – Track/Mix/Master CD    Audioflare from 2014 to 2017                                                                                       

Steve Longsworth – Church hymns recorded by family bluegrass band    Audioflare  2017  Track/Mix/Master  full CD

Brian David Bell – Divine Design – Christian-Hippy-Singer-Songwriter!   Audioflare  2017  Track/Mix/Master full CD

Douglas Blue Feather – Timeless – (Native American Flute) Mastering 18 songs   Audioflare 2017

Dubb Shakk with Chef Boii – “Counting Pesos”, “My Lady”, “Tonight” – 3 songs of full Rap and R&B release   Track/Mix/Master CD single   Audioflare2017

Terra State Community College Christmas Show: chamber orchestra and 200 member choir, live sound, FOH, monitors, CD recording and live mix to video with 10 students. Terra Tech Gym. 2016

Jane E. Beckley – 30 years of recording grand piano on cassettes   Terra Tech Studio  2016 Mastering and clean up: 10 CDs.

8th annual Sacred Steel/Strings National Convention Showcase – Live @ Ark of Toledo Church, Ohio   Live sound FOH and 5 monitors – Track/Mix/Master CDs + DVDs + YouTube   Audioflare 2016


Dave Winfree – “Goodbye My Friend” – Beat by Anno Domino, Guitar by Roberto Restuccia  Track/Mix/Master – Single/Video  -  (examples on my website)   Audioflare   2016                                                                                                                                                                         

Lisa Hightower – “I Believe” – 4pc band live in studio, no overdubs.  Audioflare  2016  Track/Mix/Master – Single/Video  -  (example on my website)


LaFontaine Musical Family Jubilee Concert: 50 Years of Music!  - Live at Literal Life Church in Ottawa Lake, Michigan  -  Live sound FOH and 10 monitors, Track/Mix/Master for CDs, DVDs and internet streaming  2016




RichterScale – 8pc band live in my studio, no overdubs! – Track/Mix/Master Demos   Audioflare 2016

The Blue Hook, Octoberfield Report, The Funkin Wagnalls and Pat Lewandowski – live at The Sodbuster Bar  -  Track/Mix/Master    2016

Stonehouse – This Song Is About You -  jam band live in studio  -  Mix/Master full CD   Audioflare 2016 

Douglas Blue Feather – Cosmic Visions (Native American Flute)  -  Mastering 2 CDS Audioflare2016                                                                                                                                                     

The Blue Hook – Madness In A Quiet Little Town  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audioflare  2016                                                                                                                                   

The Zach Dowell yearly summer friends jam: RockerShop Summit 2016 with The Blue Hook, Octoberfield Report, Funkin Wagnalls, Rich Zapf, Pete Mann, Mike Johnson, Live at The Ottawa Tavern Bar Live sound FOH, monitors – Track and rough mixes.  2016


WLMB TV 40 – Recording 100 hymns with new orchestration. Violin (Sophia Schmitz-director), Grand Piano, Cello, Harp (Julie Kemp Buzzelli), Acoustic Guitar (Mike Jarrell) live in my studio for playback on HD TV 24 hours a day.  -  Track/Mix/Master and remaster on TV  (pics on website)  Audioflare 2015


7th annual Sacred Steel/Strings National Convention Showcase – Live @ Faith Com. United Holy Church Toledo, Ohio -  Live sound FOH and monitors – Track/Mix/Master CDs + DVDs + YouTube 2015

Winfree + Wadz: The Funkfather Producer from France – Winfree Past, Present, Future  Track/Edit CD + Vinyl!  Audioflare 2015


Lucas County Waste Management – The Re-Ways: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Educational Puppet Musical with James Ellis + Lafontaine Family Singers with the Herdsmen Puppets for Live Musical Puppet Show   Track/Mix/Master for online mixed show and show mixed for live performance at schools  - Audioflare  2015


WRK Advertising + Ike Lafontaine – “Appliance Center Jingle”- Track/Mix/Master for TV   Audioflare 2015

Douglas Blue Feather – Rhythms of The Night  -  Master Full CD  Audioflare 2015

Heidi Fern Clausius: Piano, Harpsichord, Voice, Oboe – Baroque and Romantic Music  -  Live at Trinity Episcopal Church: Toledo, Oh.  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  2015                                                                                                                    

MBK – “The Funeral” – Mix/Master 1 song  Audioflare 2015 

MBK – My Brothers Keeper – Mix/Master 16 song CD  Audioflare 2015                                                                                                                                                     

Stephanie Alison – “Purify Me” 1 Hit Song!  -  Track/Mix/Master. Audioflare 2015

Zimmerman Twins – Live at The Village Idiot Bar: Maumee, Oh  -  Track/Mix for live concert movie  2015

Ron Malkemus – Corduroy Road  -  Track/Mix/Master/Drums Full CD  Audioflare 2015




Thirsty Houligans – Rustbelt Saturday  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audioflare 2015

The DougOuts – Trippin Along  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audioflare 2015

Ken Leslie: Willie Nelson, Big and Rich, Darius Rucker, John Fogerty, etc. – Veterans Matter Nationwide Radio/TV Promos  -  Clean up audio  Audioflare   2015

6th annual Sacred Steel/Strings National Convention Showcase – Live @ Faith Com. United Holy Church  Toledo, Ohio  –   Live sound FOH and 5 monitors – Track/Mix/Master CDs + DVDs + YouTube   2014

David Winfree – No Negativity Feat. MC Eiht + Lil Half  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audioflare  2014

Behind the Scenes of the Horrorcore Hotel – Mike D. White: Director – MotorCity Nightmare Film Festival 2014  -  Post production mastering and clean up of movie short, preview on IMDb Audioflare2014

Johnny Rowlett – “The Truth is”, “Where I’m Going”, “Turn Around” – Track vocals to send to Nashville 3 singles sent full multi-track files  Audioflare   2014


Leah Williams – Run On  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  (examples on my website)  Audioflare   2014

Keith Bergman – Disheveled –  Live Comedy at The Blarney Irish Pub  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  2014


Kofi Baker’s Cream Experience (Ginger Baker’s son) with Chris Shutter and Frank May:  Cream Songs Reimagined  -  Track/Mix/Master – demos.  Audioflare   2014


Is It Spring Yet – Sylvania Community Orchestra with Heidi Clausius-Piano + Allison-Violin Live @ Family Center Sylvania, Oh – Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audioflare   2014

Adrian James – Fire  -  Track/Mix/Master/Drums Full CD (took 2 years) Audioflare  2014






Holiday Wishes 3: If You Believe  with the Toledo Free Press and Make-a-Wish Foundation 

Track/Mix/Master 2 CDS   Audioflare 2013

Estar Cohen Project  -  “River”       (Original Jazz Band Live in Studio)

Candice Coleman and Chris Brown  -  “O Holy Night”   (Keys and Voice Live in the Studio)

TJ Thomas and Kentucky Strait  -  “Christmas Time In My Hometown”  (Live Original Country Band)

Kelly Broadway feat. Chris Buzzelli  -  “Winter Wonderland”  (Acoustic Guitar and Voice Live in Studio)

Lori LeFevre, Eric Dickey, John Johnson  -  “A Child Is Born” (3 pc Jazz Band: Piano, Bass, Voice Live)

Carmen Miller  -  “Let There Be Peace On Earth”     (Rock Band)

James A. Molnar and Luke D. Rosen  -  “December Star” (Original Song) (Piano and Voice)

Winfree  -  “Funky Santa Robot“      (Original R and B dance song)

The Wanna Bees  -  “Snow Ball Fight”  (Kids Rock)

Brad McNett  -  “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”  (Live Jazz Band In Studio)

The Two Guys Who Play Music 

    Featuring The Lake Erie Monsters  -  “Christmas Without You Blues”       

                (Blues Band Live in the Studio)

Voodoo Libido  -  “Blue Christmas”  (Blues Band Live in the Studio)

Robin Lee Evens  -  “Thank You For Christmas”  (Original Progressive Rock)

Arctic Clam  -  “Santa Baby”  (Rock Band Mostly Live in Studio)

Forte Trio Boys feat. Jim Stanton Piano“Joy Medley”   (3 Voices Live in Studio)

Tapestry  -  “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”  (Harp and Acoustic Guitar Live in Studio)

The CakeWalkin’ Jass Band  -  “Santa Claus Blues”  (New Orleans Jazz Band Live in Studio)

Ear Candy  -  “Jing-A-Ling, Jing-A-Ling”   (3 Voice Live in Studio)

Jennifer Rockwood from UT Theater  -  “December Substitute”

Jim Blue: Live News Anchor at TV WNWO   –   “A Christmas Circular Letter”

Ramona Collins  -  “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”  (Jazz Band Live in Studio)                       


Crystal Bowersox + Frankie May – Once Upon A Time – Live in Studio, no overdubs, recorded 27 songs, released a 5 Song CD (American Idol Season 9 runner up, 2010)  Track/Mix/Master Audioflare  2012


5th annual Sacred Steel/Strings National Convention Showcase – Live @ Faith Com. United Holy Church Toledo, Ohio  -  Live sound FOH and monitors, Track/Mix/Master CDs + DVDs + YouTube 2013




Charles Thaxton aka Char-El – The Healing  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audioflare  2013

FDA – Arson Punx  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audioflare  2013

Clark Brooks – Funky Beats  -  Used his “famous” African Bubinga Sonor Drums! Track/Mix/Master   (pics on website)   Audioflare  2013                                                                                                                                                                     

Thirsty Hooligans – “Christmas in Jail”  -  Track/Mix/Master Single   Audioflare  2013

Jamie Mills – Forever On It Goes(Live in Studio)  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Audioflare  2012

Channel 13 Nascar Promos by local rock band Liquorbox  -  Track/Mix/Master  Audioflare  2012

MegaTon Hammer – I am Error  -  Track/Mix/Master 4 Song EP CD   Audioflare  2012

The Blue Streaks – Chop Chop Amigo  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Audioflare  2012

Methrone – Sexual Content  -  Master full CD   Audioflare  2012

Epworth United Methodist Church – Live at Church  -  Master Full CD   Audioflare  2012

Red Letter Rising – 1 Song Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master    Audioflare  2012                                      

Adrian James – Live At Club 151 On The Water  -  Live sound FOH, Track/Mix/Master Full CD

Americanos – Live At Club 151 On The Water  -  Live sound FOH, Track/Mix/Master   Audioflare  2012


Bricktops – Move On  -  Mastering Full CD   Audioflare  2012

Clark Brooks Band – Demos: Live in clubs  -  Mastering   Audioflare  2012

Keem – 36 Song Mixtape!  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Audioflare  2012

KBD – Loss/Gain – electro/acoustic live at home  -  Mastering for !Cassette!  Audioflare  2012

The Real Americans – I Don’t Know The Blues  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audioflare  2012

Hemline Theory – Pretty Little Mess  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audioflare  2012

Carmen L. Miller – Skin and Bones  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audioflare  2012

Adrian James – Cabin On 33  -  Track/Mix/Master/drums Full CD   Audioflare  2012

Magik Dayze – 13 songs  -  Track/Mix/Master/drums  Audioflare  2012

4th annual Sacred Steel/Strings National Convention Showcase – Live @ Faith Com. United Holy Church Toledo, Ohio  -  Track/Mix/Master CDs + DVDs + YouTube   Audioflare.  2012



Holiday Wishes 2: Northwest Ohio Artists Unite for Make A Wish  with the Toledo Free Press and Make-a-Wish Foundation  -  Track/Mix/Master  16 Singles   Audioflare   2012

Teutonia Mannerchor and Damenchor  -  “O Tannenbaum”     (Choir Live in Studio)

Connor Rose  -  “Blue Christmas”         (Country Band)

Chrys Peterson and Hepcat Revival  -  “Pray On Christmas”     (Swinging Jump Blues Band Live in Studio)

Ashley Rose Norris  -  “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”    (Jazz Fusion Live In Studio)

Extra Stout  -  “Christmas In Killarney”      (Irish Band mostly Live in Studio)

Carmen Miller  -  “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”       (Rock Band)

Ramona Collins  -  “This Christmas”       (Jazz Band Live in Studio)

Tapestry  -  “The First Noel”     (Harp and Acoustic Guitar Live in Studio)

VooDoo Libido  -  “Must Be Santa”        (Blues Band Live in Studio)

The Sanderlings  -  “We Three Kings”     (Indie Band Original)

Cakewalkin’ Jass Band  -  “At The Christmas Ball”     (New Orleans Jazz Band Live in Studio)

Mixxtbreed w/ Winfree  -  “Christmas Time”      (Original R and B xmas song)

The Wanna Bees  -  “Party On the Roof”      (Original)  (Kids Rock Band)

Nine Lives  -  “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”     (Rock Band Imitating Big Band)

The Polka Floyd Show  -  “Run Like Santa”      (Parody Rock)

Chris Brown and Candice Coleman  -  “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”   (Piano and Vocals Live in Studio)     





Douglas Blue Feather – Earth Songs  -  Master Full CDZeta 2011

Kate Jordan and Soul Venture – Down Home Country  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta  2011

Estar Cohen – 3 song demo, original jazz live in studio  -  Track/Mix/Master Zeta  2011

Jackie Sartor with Winter Guard at Springfield High School  -  Editing Recording  Zeta  2011

The Unknowns – 4 song EP CD  -  Track/Mix/Master Zeta  2011

Mobile Deathcamp – Theme song for swamp reality show  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2011

Channing Williams – 8 song Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master CD  Zeta 2011

Vincent Easterly as Sanity – 20 songs!  -  Track/Mix/Master CD  Zeta 2011

Krystal Monique Pettaway – recorded 12 songs, finished 6  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2011

Krystal Monique Pettaway – Live At Club Evolution   Track/Mix

KBD – Any Port In A Storm – electro/acoustic duo live in studio – Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2011


Winfree – Something To Ride To  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta   2011

BoogieMatrix – Coaster Ride  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2011

The Americanos – Redemptive Sinner  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2011

Bianca Marcia Naves  -  10 Year Anniversary of 9/11: Art Video Installation in lobby   OwensCC  2011   Master music and create SFX – several CDs

Leah Williams – Opus I: Love Is  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  (examples on website)  Zeta 2011 

J Anthony – Bow Down  -  Track/Mix/Master 5 Song EP CD  (examples on website)   Zeta 2011

Winsocal – I’m Just like You  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD    Zeta 2011


Holiday Wishes 1: Northwest Ohio Artists Unite for Make A Wish with the Toledo Free Press and 

Make-a-Wish Foundation  -  Track/Mix/Master 8 Singles   Zeta 2011

Toledo Museum Of Art Choraliers  -  “Frosty The Snowman”    (Small Choir)

VooDoo Libido  -  “Run Run Rudolph”    (Blues Band mostly Live in Studio)

Tapestry  -  “Greensleeves”     (Harp and Acoustic Guitar Live in Studio)

Kyle White  -  “Winter Wonderland”      (Singer Songwriter)

Chrys Peterson from WTOL Singing with Hepcat Revival  -  “Santa, Bring My Baby Back To Me” 

(Jump Blues Swing Band Live in Studio)

Jeff Stewart  -  “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer”     (Singer Songwriter)

Kate Jordon  -  “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”     (Singer with Nashville track)

Chris Brown and Candice Coleman  -  “Baby It’s Cold Outside”    (Piano and Vocals Live in Studio)    





“This Song” – Veterans Musical Tribute with Mitch Gonzalez, Bob Davenport, Laci Bloomfield, Matt Schmidt, Troy Hall, Steve Hornyak, Jodi Jobuck, Alli Aras, Erin Johns, Anthony Beck, Randy V, Rachel Bernack, Sam Cottle   –   Track/Mix/Master Single+Video  (Video on YouTube) Zeta 2010


Douglas Blue Feather – Rollin’ Like Thunder  -  Master Full CD Zeta 2011

Douglas Blue Feather – Best Of…  -  Master Full CD Zeta 2010

MegaTon Hammer – The Year We Made Contact  -  Track/Mix/Master 4 Song EP Zeta 2010

The Bloody Buffalo – Self Titled  -  Track/Mix/Master 6 Song EP CD Zeta 2010

Kate Jordan and Soul Venture – The Dream Is Still Alive  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CdZeta 2010

Stephanie Alison – Dream Again  –   Track/Mix Full Cd Zeta 2010

Wilbur Shaw – Wilbur Shaw  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Zeta 2010

Tina Walker – Cassette clean up  -  MasterZeta 2010


BoogieMatrix – Live at the Days Inn Basement Ballroom, New Years Eve  -  for online demos Track/Mix/MasterZeta 2010

Rusty Vinyl – Rusty Vinyl  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Zeta 2010

The Rayz – 2 Song Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master Zeta 2010

That Allie Girl: Allie Busold + Tony Paulus “I Forgive You” – Track/Mix/Master/drumsZeta 2010

That Allie Girl – Just A Peek  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2010


Steve Longsworth Family Bluegrass Band Live in Studio  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Zeta 2010

Jackie Sartor with Winter Guard of Springfield High School  -  Editing Recording Zeta 2010

Robin Lee Evans – 4 Song EP CD  -  Track/Mix/Master/drums Zeta 2010

DownSpeed – 4 Song EP CD  -  Track/Mix/Master Zeta 2010





Jeff Daschbach – Acoustic Live in Studio  -  Track/Mix/Master Zeta 2010

Ben Barefoot and the Hand Shakes  – The Time Before - 4 Song EP CD  Zeta 2010

With Frank May on bass  -  Track/Mix/Master/drums

The Polka Floyd Show – Live at The Ohio Theater  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta  2010

Chris Shutters Band – Live at Ottawa Tavern during CD release party – Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2009

Chris Dames as 100 Proof – 15 Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta  2009

Troy Hedelman – 27 song demos for move to Nashville! (took 3 years) – Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2009

Vondo – The Hottest Thing Out  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2009


Kate Jordan And Soul Venture – Mighty River   with Kate Jordan-Reiff – Vocals, Tim Jordan – Vocals,

Stephanie McCormick – Vocals   -  Track/Mix/Master Full CDZeta 2009


Jason Quick – Live Original Jazz In The Studio  -  Track/Mix/Master Demos Zeta 2009


Wade Tuuf  -  Mastering full CD Zeta 2009

Jackie Sartor with Winter Guard of Springfield High School   -  Edit Recording Zeta 2009

Zimmerman Twins – 14 song demo  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2009

Antivillains – So Much For Romance  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2009

Thee Lost Souls – Reunion Concert Live in Tiffin  -  Track/Mix/Master CD and DVD  Zeta 2009

Lafontaine Family – Various  -  Mastering   Zeta 2009

Spark The Mind – Smart Shorties Fractions CD  -  Track/Mix/Master CD + DVD  Zeta 2009

Flow – 5 Song demo  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2009

BoogieMatrix – Hippy Jam Band Live at Mickey Finns  -  Track/Mix/Master Demos  Zeta 2009

Charles Thaxton aka Char-El – Resurrection  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta  2009

The Blue Hook – Motor Oil and Whiskey  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta  2009

Crystal Bowersox + Frankie May (bass) live in the studio, demos to show producers of American Idol   Track/Mix/Master 27 song demos  Zeta  2009

Thaddaeus Washington Church Band – Live In The Studio – Track/Mix/Master 6 Demos  Zeta 2008

Rusty Vinyl – Rusty Vinyl Live in Findlay  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2008

Corevares – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2008

Seeking Focus – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

As We Crash – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

AleXander – Demos with Al E Cat from Atlanta  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

Sapokniona Whitefeather – Now Is The Time  -  Master Full CD   Zeta 2008

J-Defeats – 8 finished songs as singles with Al E Cat from Atlanta  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2008

Channing Williams  -  10 Song Demo to shop to labels  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta  2008

Mike Villalovos – 3 Song Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2008

Ric Allen Dorian – 5 Song Acoustic Demo live no overdubs  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

Sideways Smile – 5 Song EP CD  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

Springfield High School Winter Guard  -  Editing Performance Recording   Zeta 2008

New Captains – Self Titled  -  Mixing/Mastering Full CD recorded in their basement   Zeta 2008

Douglas Blue Feather – Sacred Space  -  Master Full CD  Zeta 2008

Douglas Blue Feather – Kokopelli Christmas  -  Master Full CD   Zeta 2008

Samantha Jones as Ladi  -  11 Song demo  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

Jason Quick – Pop Music Project!  -  Track/Mix/Master not totally live in the studio  Zeta  2008

Jeff Daschbach – Toledo Demos in from Chicago  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

A G Carinae Band – 2 song demo for getting gigs  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

The DougOuts – 5 Song EP  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2008

Chris Shutters – A World Apart  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2008






The Polka Floyd Show – Self Titled EP  -  Track/Mix/MasterEP CD Zeta 2008

Spark The Mind – Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication  -  Track/Mix/Master CD/DVD  Zeta 2008

Kelly Broadway – Live at UT Recital Hall  -  Track/Mix/Master Demos  Zeta 2007

Zimmerman Twins – Live at Frankies  -  Track/Mix/Master Full 14 song CD Zeta 2007

Kate Jordan – Hope and Pray  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2007

Mannequins – Break Out Of The Mall  -  Track/Mix/Master/drums Full CD  Zeta 2007

Wild Trees – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2007

Methrone – Instant Replay  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  R&B/Soul   Zeta 2007

Tapestry – The Journey  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2007

Chris Konop – Live at Manhattan’s Pub ’n Cheer  -  Track/Mix/Master Demos   Zeta 2007

Blacqlanta Records – Various  -  Mastering   Zeta 2007

The Killer Tomatoes – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2007

Douglas Blue Feather – A Crown Of Stars  -  Master Full CD   Zeta 2007

Douglas Blue Feather – Spirit Of The Flute  -  Master Full CD   Zeta 2007

Crap Shoot: The DocumentaryA Locally Produced Mockumentary  Zeta 2007

Track/Mix/Master/SFX audio clean up for DVD

Millie and The Firehouse Gang – Polka Band Live In My Studio #2  Zeta 2007

Track/Mix/Master  Full CD (20 songs) 

Dying To Know – 8 Song Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2007

K. Lasha – K. Lasha  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2006

Zack Kruze – Jazz/Hip Hop with live percussion and vibes 6 Songs -Track/Mix/Master   OwensCC    2006

The Blue Streaks – Make It Look Easy  -  Track/Mix/Master 6 Song EP CD  Zeta 2006

Rusty Vinyl – Rusty Vinyl  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2006

8 Weeks Out – 2 Song EP  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2006

Rooted Truth – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master Zeta 2006

Ben Barefoot – On The Wire  -  Track/Mix/Master 5 Song EP CDZeta 2006

BoozeMoney – (more fun)  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2006

BoogieMatrix – Glass Candy  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2006

Detrahus – 3 Song demo  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2006

Big Money – 3 Song demo  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2006

Douglas Blue Feather – Heal The Earth  -  MasterFull CD   Zeta 2006

Diamante – 2 Song Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2006

Jacob Hinojose – Breathe  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2005

8 Weeks Out3 Song EP  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2005

Methrone – Chemistry  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2005

The Colonels – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2005

Drive/Antivillains – 4 Song EPCD  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2005

Tapestry – Variations  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Zeta 2005

Level 5 – 6 Song Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2005

TJ – 12 Song Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta  2005

Bradshaw’s Project – 9 Song Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta  2005

Douglas Blue Feather – Time For Truth  -  Master Full CD   Zeta  2005

Hillsdale College: Governor Reagan’s 1977 speech  -  Master/clean up   Zeta 2005

Amazing Grace Sacred Strings – Let The Praise Begin  – Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2005

Booze Money – Robot Vigilante  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2004

Brian Jones Sr + Jr – 10 Song Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master    Zeta 2004





Jeff and Jen – Acoustic Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Zeta 2004

Them One Guys – 5 Song Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master  Zeta 2004

Traffic Jam Band – Live at festival under tent!  -  Track/Mix/Master for Demos  Zeta 2004

Millie and The Firehouse Gang – Polka Band Live In My Studio #1    Zeta 2004

Track/Mix/Master 23 songs on 1 CD

Douglas Blue Feather – The Great Spirit Of Christmas  -  Master Full CD  Zeta 2004

Sapokniona Whitefeather – Master Meditations  -  Master Full CD   Zeta 2004

Douglas Blue Feather – Star Nations  -  Master Full CD  Zeta 2003

Bill Hammer – Mind Controls Body, Body Responds  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Zeta 2002

Douglas Blue Feather – Ride The Lightning -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD NBD 2002

Hal Grace Church Production #1  -  Master Full CD   NBD 2002

Hal Grace Church Production #2  -  Master Full CD    NBD 2002

Motor City Rhythm & Blues Pioneers – Self Titled  -  Track/Mix  Full CD   Zeta 2002

Travis Mandell  -  Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce   NBD 2002

Toledo School For The Arts DVD Video SignShot Footage/Edited Images DVD  NBD 2002

Stephanie Staples – demos  -  Track/Mix Full CD  HoF 2002

Lou Barlow/Sebadoh/Folk Implosion – Live “bootleg” in Chicago and Detroit  NBD  2002

Erlimart/Alaska Live “bootleg” in Chicago and Detroit2002Track/Mix/Master – many CDs Master



Crystal Bowersox – 5 song acoustic demos for move to Chicago to get gigs   NBD  2002  Track/Mix/Master



Josh Boyd and the VIP Band – I Only Talk To Angels  -  Master Full CD  NBD  2001

Isiah Brooks – Live at his church in Lima, Ohio  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  NBD  2001


Bible Christian Fellowship Summer Camp in St. Mary’s, Ohio: day-long / week-long live concerts and preaching direct to 3 camera switcher video in 5 languages (1995-2000)


One Thin Dime – Forthcoming  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce/drums Full CD  Audiomatrix 2000 

Red Wood – Alpha  -  Track/Mix/Master

Stephanie Staples – Breathe on Me  demos  -  Track/Mix   HoF/NBD  2001

The Mighty Meaty Swing Kings – Swing Big!  -  Track/Mix Full CD Zeta    2001

Big Blues Bob and The Thin Ice Band – Live at Mickey Finn’s  Audiomatrix  2001

Track/Mix/Master Full CD   (only recording of Bob)

Tomorrow Feels Like Sunday – DemosTrack/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  2000

Burn Out Son – Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix  2000

Char-El – Heaven and Earth  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce2-CDs  Audiomatrix  2000

Claude Black – Live at the Peristyle  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix 2000

Douglas Blue Feather – Arrival  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix 2000

Evan Bates – Demos Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix 2000

Evolotto – 1776  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD  Audiomatrix 2000

Exposed 3 – Hot Doggin’ Tha Great Midwest  -  Edit/Master/Co-Produce 3-CDs  Audiomatrix 2000

Hell’s Kitchen – The Lost Pages  -  Track Vocals Full CD   Audiomatrix 2000

Hope – In Your Heart  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD   Audiomatrix 2000

Lazy American Workers  -…Finally!  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce  Full CD  Audiomatrix  2000

Lynn Lynton – Best of… -  Edit/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  2000

The Motor City Sheiks – Sensational Rhythms – Live at Mickey Finns  

Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix.  2000

Lade Bac – For All The Ladies   -  Track/Digital Editing Full CD   Audiomatrix  2000

Roc Clic – Can’t Stop The Funk   –   Track/Edit/Master Full CD   Audiomatrix.  2000

Sinamin – So Hot   –   Track/Digital Editing Full CD   Audiomatrix.  2000




Bunjie Jambo – Potty Karate   -   Track Full CD   Audiomatrix  1999

Douglas Blue Feather – Rise of the Star Nations  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1999

Fresh Brewed – 2 song Demo   –   Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix  1999

Baby Doll – 3 song Demo   –   Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix  1999

Karen Ann Greenley – Music With a Message   –   Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1999

Kitchen Knife Conspiracy – Sin-Pathetic   –   Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1999

Liquid Velvet – 3-Song CD Single  -  Master  Audiomatrix  1999

Local Anesthetic – Intensive Care  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD  Audiomatrix  1999

LockJaw – 6 song Demo CD  -  Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix  1999

Mad Mordigan – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1999

Magik Dayze – Volume 1  -  Edit/Mix/Master Full CD Audiomatrix  1999

Pop Quiz – 12-Songs -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce 7” Vinyl  Audiomatrix  1999

Roger Stein’s Monster – Demos for Gigs, 10 songs  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1999

2 Big Guitars

Bobby May and Pat Lewandowski – Live at Mickey Finn’s  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audiomatrix  1999

Sapokniona Whitefeather – Mother Earth Speaks  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Audiomatrix  1999

Stevo’s BluGruVuDu – Rantings and Ravings  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD Audiomatrix  1999

Steve Wells – Acoustic Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Audiomatrix  1999

Uncle Sugar Easy -  6-song DemoTrack/Mix/Master   Audiomatrix  1999

Trip Cut Shorty – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Audiomatrix  1999

All Time Low – Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix  1999

Bedford 97-98 – Songs of The Year  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD   Audiomatrix  1999

Corevares – Corevares  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

Douglas Blue Feather – Seventh Fire  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

Everyday Pain – Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master CD   Audiomatrix  1998

Fighting HellFish – Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master CD  Audiomatrix  1998

Friction Break – Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master CD   Audiomatrix  1998

Glass House – Grey Haze  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Audiomatrix  1998

Gone Daddy Finch – “Shown The Light”  -  Track/Mix/Master Single  Audiomatrix  1998

Gone Daddy Finch – “Father Christmas”  -  Track/Mix/Master Single   Audiomatrix  1998

Hells Kitchen – Chapter One – Hard living  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

MO – MO  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

LiquorBox – Self Titled  -  Track/Mix/Master Cassette  Audiomatrix  1998

PBS – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master full CD   Audiomatrix  1998

Porn Flakes – The Number of the Beef  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

60 Station Wagons of Kung-Fu Fury – 5 song Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix  1998

Sheep – Self Titled  -  Edit/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

The Mighty Meaty Swing Kings – I Swing, Therefore I am  -  Track/Mix Full CD   Audiomatrix  1998  “MudHens Theme Song”

The State – Demos  -  Track/Mix/Master   Audiomatrix  1998

The Unearthlies – Gland 13  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

Thugs and Passion – 10 song demo  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1998

Ghetto Soldiers – 6 song demo CD  -  Track/Mix/Master  Audiomatrix  1998

92.5 Kiss-FM Breakfast Club – Shut Up and Listen  -  Track/Mix/MasterFull CD   Audiomatrix  1997

Anguish – Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master 3-Song Demo  Audiomatrix  1997

Anna’s Mom – Full CD  -  Track  Audiomatrix  1997

Brothers Grimm – Grim Situations  5-song “Single”  -  Track/Mix/MasterAudiomatrix  1997





Catfish with David Winfree – Crazy/Funky Rhyme  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Audiomatrix  1997

Chicken Dog – The Other White Meat  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1997




Christmas Toledo – Homeless Awareness Project with Tony Parker

Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD on AmazonAudiomatrix  1997

—Ramona Collins & Line One  -  “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”, “Joy To The World”

—The Church of God Youth Choir  -  “A Touch of Christmas”

—Eddie Boggs  -  “O Little Town of Bethlehem”  Dulcimer by Karen Thyer Guitar #2 by Pat Hillard

—Bob Valle  -  “Silent Night” Saxophone by Mark Lemie

—Just Kiddin’ Around  -  “Jingle Bells”

—2 Big Guitars. -  “What Child is This”   with Bobby May and Pat Lewandowski

—Berkeley Square – 3 voices  -  “Angels We Have Heard On High”   with Joy Ortyl, Lynn Israel,  Steven Wipfli

— Jamie Farr  (from M.A.S.H!)  -  “A Visit From St. Nicholas”   I did acoustic percussion as SFXs!




False Face Society – Game Face On  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD  Audiomatrix  1997

Howard Mobley/Brian Jones – “Another 24/Sorry for Nothin’” 

Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce   Audiomatrix  1997

Rotten 8-Track – Demo  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD   Audiomatrix  1997

Selfmade Hustlers – Compilation  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD   Audiomatrix  1997

6 Feet of Earth – Shattered  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audiomatrix  1997

Tastes Like Chicken – Jagged Little Suppository  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audiomatrix  1997

The Lafontaine Family – Live  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD  Audiomatrix  1997

Unusual Suspects w/ Lazy Boy – “The Plot”  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce   Audiomatrix  1997

True Church Gospel Choir – Your Anointing is With Us  (Live Kids Choir)  Audiomatrix  1996

Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD

The Colonial Underground  -  Best Unsigned Bands Radio Show 1   Audiomatrix  1996

The Colonial Underground  -  Best Unsigned Bands Radio Show 2

The Colonial Underground  -  Compilation CD  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce 3 Full CD

6 Feet of Earth – 6 Feet of Earth  -  Track/Mix/MasterFull CD  Audiomatrix  1996

Ramona Collins and Line One – Everything Old is New Again – Live @ Rustys   Audiomatrix  1996

Track/Co-Mix/Master Full CD

Porn Flakes – Moo Jack City  -  Mix/Master/Co-Produce Full CD  Audiomatrix  1996

Five Horse Johnson – Blues For Henry…Recorded live at Hines Farm  Audiomatrix  1996  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce  Full CD

Char-El  aka Charles Thaxton – Worlds Without End  -  Track/Mix/Master/Co-Produce  Full CD

Buzz Band Showdown – Compilation CD  -  Track/Mix/Master Compilation CD  Audiomatrix  1996

Bottom of the Barrel Boys – (Self Titled) – Bluegrass Band  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1996

Mark Moskovitz – Cello Music of David Popper  -  Track/Edit/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1996

Tony Rios – Estoy Enamorado De Ti  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD Audiomatrix  1994

Mr. Crayon – Still Strugglin’  -  Track/Mix/Master Full CD  Audiomatrix  1994




Live Sound Places:

(1986 – present)  I have done live sound support in clubs, outdoor spaces and churches with various equipment. Toledo locations include: UT Doermann Theater, UT Student Union, UT Centennial Mall, UT Planetarium, BGSU Bryan Recital Hall + Kobacker Hall, BGSU Planetarium, Rocky’s Attic (UT Student Union),   Frankies,  Main Event,  Headliners,  BPM128,  Bottle Rocket (Toledo), 

The Pub on UT campus, Cyprus Lounge, Whit’s End, City Lounge, Metro, Club Bijou, The Underground, Moosey’s, JJ’s Aqua Lounge, Mickey Finn’s Pub, (4 Kip’s clubs that have changed names 10 times – Club Soda now), Distillery, Ottawa Tavern (both versions!) The Stein, Club 21, Upstairs-Downstairs, EasyStreet (Toledo), Ohio State Theater (Toledo), Stranahan Great Hall, Gladieux Meadows, The Premier Banquet Complex on Heatherdowns), Collingwood Arts Center, Seagate Center, Sufficient Grounds, Java Mill and Maxwell’s Brew, Roxannes (both stages), Zodiak, Club 151 on the Water, Owens Community College Fine and Performing Arts Building many locations including the Main Theater, Lobby and instrumental rehearsal hall room 111, Ms. Rose’s Dinner Theater (Perrysburg, Ohio), Happy Badger (Toledo), Bronze Boar, Ye Olde Durty Bird, Wesley’s, Woodchucks Bar and Grill, Martini N Nuzzis, The Village Idiot, Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle lobby and in one of the world’s longest surviving jazz clubs: Rusty’s Jazz Café. (now closed)



Bowling Green, Ohio, locations would include EasyStreet Café (upstairs) and Howards Club H. 


Churches include: Faith Community United Holy Church, Church on Strayer, 7th day Adventist First, First Unity, New Life Church of God and Christ, Believers Christian, Bible Believers, (the great) Trinity Episcopal downtown Toledo, Sylvania Alliance and the Nazarene District Center in St. Marys, Ohio.